About Us

Introduction to AC Services Enterprise

AC Services Enterprise was established in 1990 with a clear aim to provide free professional services and consultancy to students and parents in assisting them to make the right choice for their further studies.

As such we have over the years established links with a vast range of universities, institutes, colleges and schools from countries all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland, Singapore as well as Malaysia. These vast range of links provide students and parents with good options to meet their education needs and also makes us a truly One-Stop International Education Service Centre.


What Are Our Services?

The range of services we provide for students and parents includes the following:

  • Career Counseling – Provides professional counseling and information on the various types of careers as well as new emerging careers that are available, what these careers are about and also the subjects requirement for entry into courses leading to such careers.
  • Institutions Counseling – Providing professional counseling and information on the types of universities, colleges and schools that are available , their set-up and their special areas of strengths.
  • Course Counseling – Providing counseling and information on the various types of courses and where they are available, including their entry requirements.
  • Placement & Application Services – Providing services to assist students in their placement and application to entry into institutions of their choice and where they have a better chance of securing a place.
  • Student Orientation Services – We provide a comprehensive range of services to the students in assisting them to settle in for their study in areas like: Student Visa Application, Accommodation Arrangement, Air-Travel Advice, Airport Pick-Up Services, Pre-Departure Orientation, Settling-in Tips and more.
  • Progress Monitoring – Where required and possible, our office also liaise with institutions to assist parents to get progress report on students.


Our Philosophy

At AC Services Enterprise, we adopt the philosophy that each student is a unique individual, and therefore we believe that they have their own individual strength and also interest. As such, our consultancy approach towards the students follows our professional aim in:






  We therefore cordially invite all students an parents to come, talk to us and visit us and let us help you, in your endeavor to:

Discover the World of Education Opportunities!